Long lifetime

Energy efficient

Better for plant growth

Low heat output


Light is Tunable

More Versatile


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LED Grow Lights

Our LED GrowLights are the best you can buy


Led grow lights are the best solid-state grow light systems available, the lights have also been proven to the best out there! A study of our lights has been carried out by the University of Minnesota.  Department of Horticultural Science LED vs. High Pressure Sodium.

For more information on growth test results of LEDGrowLights vs. SolarOasisTM




LED grow lights combine the gentleness of fluorescents with the growing power of HIDs. Our lights are warm to the touch and have a recommended useful lifetime of  50,000 hours for red lamps- the equivalent of 18 hours a day, 365 days a year for  seven years and seven months. 

Plants do not use all parts of the spectrum equally.  This is because photosynthetic pigments like chlorophyll and carotene absorb light very strongly at particular wavelengths.  Using the right colors in the proper proportions, nearly any desired spectrum may be produced with LEDs





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