Long lifetime

Energy efficient

Better for plant growth

Low heat output


Light is Tunable

More Versatile


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Our LED GrowLights are the best you can buy


Our solid state grow lights have been designed for one reason: To grow plants effectively and affordably.  And they do, because the most important part of our design process has always been growing plants.

Which LEDGrowlights should I use?  
If you want to : Then use:
  Red/Blue Full Spectrum
Get the most light per dollar 1  
Display plants   1
Have full spectrum supplement   1
Add lights to existing LED system 1 1
Alter the Red-Blue balance 1  
Have lights very close  to the plants (3-12 inches)   1

How many lights do I need?

Light Type # of Lights needed for each 4 square feet
Red/Blue 2-4  R180XB or 4-8 R90XB with 1-2 B60XB
Full spectrum 2-4  F42XL

More on red and blue lights...   

How far from my plants should LEDGrowLights be placed?
Position red and blue lights 12-24 inches from the plants.  Positioning red and blue lights too close to plants may result in unacceptable growth.

Full-spectrum lights may be placed as close as 3 inches to your plants.

Growing Tips:

Reducing the distance between a light and the plants by one half increases the intensity of the light reaching the plant by four times.

Use more blue light to produce sturdier seedlings and to help contain trailing, sprawling or aggressive plants.

For leaf crops, switch to all red light at the end of the growing cycle to increase yields.

Blue lights may be used alone as a supplement for HPS lighting.

Red lights may be used as a supplement for sunlight or MH lights



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