Long lifetime

Energy efficient

Better for plant growth

Low heat output


Light is Tunable

More Versatile


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Our LED GrowLights are the best you can buy


Long lifetime Recommended useful lifetime of  50,000 hours for red lamps- the equivalent of burning a light for 18 hours a day, 365 days a year for  seven years and seven months.
Energy efficient Save 50-75% on power over HID lighting, plus reduce or eliminate power consumption by extra blowers and air conditioning systems.
Better for plant growth Plants can use nearly all of the light emitted from LED lamps. Only  about 10% of the power used and about 35% of the light generated by metal halide lamps is useful for plant growth.
Low heat output Warm to the touch. LED lights produce very little heat.  The  temperature of our growing areas is controlled by normal residential AC/heating and a ceiling fan.  In most situations, no special ventilation or air conditioning is needed.
Economical Long life, low power consumption, high efficiency and cool operating temperatures make LEDs a cost effective choice for your indoor growing needs.
Light is Tunable The amounts of red and blue light can be precisely controlled.  With a track light system, light is directed exactly where you want it.
More Versatile Grow peppers next to African violets or orchids - all will thrive.  LEDs will not scorch young or tender plants.


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